The core and pride of ECOCULTURE is its own production of beneficial insects: entomophages and bumblebees for pollination, as well as feed for beneficial insects.

       Since 2017 we have been constantly increasing production volumes and at the same time expanding the range of entomophages to provide our Clients with the most effective and at the same time eco-friendly plant protection products.

       Over the years, our production has presented a variety of products to the market, the highlight of which has become the only well-established mass production of bumblebees for open and protected ground in Ukraine, it is BOMBUS PRO 5.

       It is important to note that our production is located in close proximity to large agro-industrial regions of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, which significantly reduces the delivery time of bio-agents, and the most effective biological protection consists of fresh and active insects.

   The employees of our bio-laboratory are highly qualified specialists, entomologists and biologists with many years of experience in working with insects.

    The production is managed by experienced managers using advanced production technologies. Our products comply with all veterinary regulations and world standards for the packaging and transportation of entomophages.

      At the manufacture we pay much attention to:

  • Research in order to obtain effective biological plant protection products;
  • Genetic purity of production lines of entomophages;
  • Product packaging to ensure optimal conditions for transportation and usability.

      We strive for quality at all stages - from the production of beneficial insects to logistics solutions for the transportation of products, in order to guarantee the maximum result on your crops.


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