ECOCULTURE is a leading international trade and manufacturing company that produces beneficial insects on an industrial scale and implements effective, environmentally friendly solutions to protect plants from diseases and pests.

       The head office and production facilities are located in Ukraine, we also have branches in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan. There are modern warehouses equipped with constant climate control regimes in each country.

       Stock replenishment, constantly expanding range of products and competent warehouse logistics allow us to provide our customers with high service and efficiency in terms of plant protection, nutrition and pollination.

       ECOCULTURE is a leader in the production and supply of entomophages and pollinators in the protected and open ground markets. Our products have proven themselves well in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and the Baltic countries.

       Through the use of environmentally-friendly solutions in the protection of crops, the natural potential of plants is fully revealed. Thus, the use of the technologies we offer ensures increased productivity and safety for the environment and humans.

       We have a young and energetic team of like-minded people who are constantly obtaining new knowledge and studying technologies, thanks to which we constantly generate unique offers in the agricultural sector market.

       Our goal: by spreading technologies for the use of entomophages, bumblebees, trapping systems, organomineral growth stimulants and biopesticides we are introducing a culture of tolerant relations between a human and the nature!

       Our Mission: Culture will save the planet. The culture of relations with each other and all living things around. We are changing the mentality from a consumer attitude towards nature to partnership.

       Our values:

  • We are proud to offer the market unique integrated solutions that have no analogues.
  • We build long-term Win-Win relationships with our partners.
  • We are proud of our proactive close-knit team of highly qualified specialists from different professions with unique knowledge and experience.
  • We pride ourselves on our flexibility and responsiveness in decision making.

       Our solutions are always optimal for your business.

       Let's collaborate!

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