Plant protection products

Today there are many methods and means of plant protection in greenhouses and open ground. The most effective methods of IPM include the use of beneficial insects (entomophages and parasitoids), mechanical trapping of pests using glue, pheromone, light, water and other traps, as well as the point use of pesticides.

Pesticides (from Latin "pestis" is a pest, infection and "caedo" - to reduce, kill), earlier called harsh chemical, agrochemicals that are used to control pests, as well as diseases, weeds, harmful animals such as rats, etc.

Despite the increasing incidence of pest resistance when used correctly pesticides remain one of the most effective methods of pest control.

Classification of pesticides:

By their chemical nature, pesticides are classified as organic and non-organic.

By their intended use, they are divided into:

- Insecticides or chemicals to control of harmful insects (Colorado potato beetle, thrips, whitefly, tomato leaf mining moth, aphid, etc.);

- Acaricides, preparations to control phytophagous mites (spider mites, rusty mites, etc.);

- Fungicides to control fungal diseases;

- Molluscicides to control molluscs, primarily slugs;

- Nematocides, preparations to control nematodes harmful to plants;

- Herbicides to control weeds.

Today, 80% of the pesticide market consists of herbicides which is explained by the great importance of the problem with weeds in open ground. Also, insecticides, acaricides and fungicides play an important role in plant protection. If you do not know where to buy plant protection products, please contact us!

Pesticides are also classified according to their mode of action on pests. For example, fungicides are curative and protective, herbicides are selective and continuous. Insecticides, acaricides and some other pesticides, according to the mode of action on the pest, include:

- digestive (enter the body with food)

- contact (act on pests through physical contact)

- systemic (accumulate in the plant and act on pests that feed on the treated plant)

- fumigants (enter the pest's body through the respiratory system)

Where can you buy wholesale plant protection products?

To buy plant protection products, contact the managers of the company ECOCULTURE in any convenient way.


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