A service approach in the development of a plant protection project is a guarantee of an additional harvest from each square meter.

         We are result-oriented and offer complete plant protection solutions, accompanying our customers at all stages of production from the beginning of the turnover to liquidation treatment. We are attentive to details and value the time of our clients and employees, thus we focus on achieving results in the most effective ways.

        A well-built system of protection and nutrition of plants - allows you to increase the yield in some cases up to 70% - that is why ECOCULTURE provides services for the selection of products and the development of an individual project for the protection of each object. This systematic approach to each plant allows our customers to achieve the best crop protection performance, thanks to an individually developed pest control strategy and a reduction in pesticide load, our customers collect additional kilograms per square meter of area. 

Supporting greenhouses our specialists provide:

  • Training of the greenhouses staff and other agricultural enterprises in the IPM method;
  • Selection and calculation of the required amount of biological and chemical pests and diseases control, nutrition and plant growth stimulation;
  • Monitoring and adjusting compliance with IPM technology, making recommendations.

       Our superpower consists of young qualified managers with relevant special education and successful experience in plant protection using advanced technologies

       Here in ECOCULTURE we are united not only as high-qualified specialists but also as personalities with high morality

      We are open to new contacts, suggestions and solutions. At the same time, we are always honest with our clients and employees, since the success of any business depends on the reliability of the foundation laid, and in business the foundation of the project is an honest assessment of risks and prospects.

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