ECOCULTURE this is the way from a small innovative project to a serious player in the international market. Story of our development:

       2014 - is the year when the company ECOCULTURE was founded. The company enters the Ukrainian and Russian markets with a number of innovative solutions for biological plant protection, rapidly gaining growth rates and a client base.

       2015 – the company starts working with top-level clients in protected ground. It becomes a distributor of world famous brands for the production of plant protection products and enters the market of Kazakhstan.

       2016 – ECOCULTURE introduces a system of management accounting, warehouse logistics, sales, forms warehouses based in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. The staff is more than 30 people.

       2017 – we launch our own bio laboratory for the production of beneficial insects and begin exporting own products.

       2018 – more than 40 suppliers, trade in more than 12 countries, import goods from more than 14 countries. Growth of own production volumes.

       2019 – we register own pesticide Agricure in Ukraine, open a branch in Azerbaijan, distribute products in Belarus, the number of employees exceeds 70 people, the share of own production in the total sales of the Group of Companies exceeds 25%. ECOCULTURE enters the TOP-list of companies in the industry according to the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

       2020 – we acquire own production facilities capable of tenfold increase in the volume of shipped products, expansion of the range, export of own-produced entomophages to the countries of the European Union, growth of the company by more than 60%, staff over 100 people.

       2021 – we launch mass production of bumblebees for pollination in protected and open ground. Development of modern autonomous pollination systems.

       Entering the B2C niche, increasing sales in existing markets and entering Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. We plan to increase the volume of our production by 2026 in 4 times, to launch lines of new species of entomophages, produce own biopesticides and much, much more.

        It's just the beginning!

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