The ECOCULTURE team took part (attended) in the main global meeting of the biocontrol industry Biocontrol Industry Meeting (ABIM) on October 24-26, 2022 in the Congress Center of Basel, Switzerland.

At the 17th ABIM exhibition, jointly organized by FiBL and the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA), representatives of the industry met more than 1,550 participants from 53 countries. Participants were able to communicate together, face to face, as well as listen to inspiring presentations and discussions. During the event, business meetings took place between delegates and our 105 exhibitors. An incredible number of innovations were presented. These are necessary tools to facilitate the transition to sustainable agriculture.

ABIM is the premier, internationally recognized venue for discovering and introducing new products, discussing market opportunities, presenting new research and products, learning about the latest regulatory landscape and networking with fellow professionals. The large number of delegates at this year's event reflects the growing importance of this topic.

Lucius Tamm, managing director of ABIM AG and head of crop production at FiBL Switzerland, also points to the role of biocontrol when it comes to sustainability: “Agricultural systems and processes must become more sustainable in the future. Biocontrol provides important solutions and can successfully shape this transformation process towards sustainable agriculture. That is why this annual meeting for the biocontrol industry is so important - for the industry itself and for society as a whole."

The ABIM 2022 program included presentations from the European Commission on the latest policy positions on the new Sustainable Use Regulation and related changes to biocontrol registration requirements. The new policy aims to reduce reliance on chemical pesticides and facilitate the authorization and use of non-chemical solutions. Innovations and successful IPM programs from around the world were presented, particularly highlighting the dynamic development of biocontrol in Brazil. The crucial role and contribution of the food industry in the transformation of agriculture was discussed by experts of the value chain. The transformation also needs policy support. Examples of favorable policies of leading countries were shared and discussed.

Innovation has always been an important driver of the biocontrol industry. That's why the Bernard Blum Award is presented annually to the most innovative biocontrol product of the year. Each year since 2015, an independent jury selects a biocontrol winner from a number of applications that provides an effective pest or disease control solution with minimal impact on human health and the environment. The winner of the 2022 Bernard Blum Award for Innovative Biocontrol Solutions is Pronemite from Biobest. In 2nd place was Andermatt Biocontrol from Plutex and in 3rd place Oricontrol Plus from Agrobio. The winner in the new category "The best innovative product that promotes the adoption of biocontrol" was the product of the company CBC Europe Shindo Trap.

Also, this year the ECOCULTURE company became a member of the IBMA international association of biological protection manufacturers. This is a great example of how our philosophy of environmentally sound plant protection works. The company strives to reduce the environmental impact of residual substances and uses a holistic approach to crop production. Our important goal is to find partners for further joint expansion of the biological drugs market.

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