ECOCULTURE is a young company for all intents and purposes.

The average age of our employees is 33. We are ambitious, energetic and proactive. Nothing is impossible for us!

We are like a young family: growing and learning together, overcome difficulties and delight in what has been achieved. Certainly every family has its own traditions. This is what unites, adds inner comfort, self-confidence and understanding that at any moment your colleagues will come to your aid. We don't have many traditions yet, but we already want to share with you what we have.

Since we love nature very much, twice a year our ECO family has big clean-ups: we enrich the area near our office, plant flowers and trees. All this is fun, with jokes and loud laughter.

Besides, every autumn we organize a photo session. All of them are very atmospheric, filled with warmth and emotions. The families of our employees are also involved. It is one big family of families!

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