Glue traps

  In the integrated crop protection, glue color traps are often used. Such traps are used both in protected ground and in the open, for monitoring and mass trapping of pests. The glue trap has a specific color that attracts a specific species of pests. Most often, traps are yellow or blue, less often black.

  Glue traps are divided into roll and card traps.

  Rolls are used mainly for mass trapping of winged forms of pests with a large population in the greenhouse. Such traps are 15 or 30 cm wide. On tall plants, it is advisable to use wide traps, and on small plants, the economically optimal choice would be 15 cm. They occupy a large area in comparison with the cards, which increases their efficiency when it comes to catching phytophages. Roll traps are changed no more often than once per 2-3 months, depending on their contamination.

  Glue traps in the form of cards with glue applied to them are divided into monitoring and trapping. Traps for catching are larger in comparison with monitoring ones. Such traps can be used throughout the entire area of ​​the greenhouse, but it is also convenient to place them in hot spots, that is, to use them more selective.

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