Micronizer M3000

The micronizer is a modern device for the effective destruction of weeds in the garden.
1 pc
Product characteristics

Allows processing with pure herbicides not diluted in water.


Protective Disc Diameter: 34cm

Tank volume: 1 liter

Handle length: 60cm

Herbicide tank material: durable polyethylene

Droplet diameter: 250 micrometers

Machine weight: about 2 kg

Detailed information

Manufacturer: Volpi

The electric micronizer M3000 with a disc is an apparatus that allows the use of pure herbicides that are not diluted in water. This need arises when plants need the strongest and most effective protection.

The micronizer is a modern device for the effective destruction of weeds in the garden. It is convenient to work with him, he looks nice and weighs little, does not make noise. Even when working for a long time on the site, you will not feel tired.

The device is easy to use and has a modern design. You will be able to choose a case of bright or more calm color.

Benefits of using the electric micronizer M3000:

  • When processing plants, an area with a diameter of 34 cm is captured;
  • The micronizer has an indicator for detecting pure localized herbicide;
  • The operation of the device is provided by two batteries of 1.5 V;
  • Time of continuous work without recharging - about 40 hours;
  • The angle of the disc can be adjusted. This is especially convenient if several people of different heights use the device in the family.

Application Tips:

  • Do not use the micronizer during periods of particularly vigorous weed growth. It is better to carry out this work a little earlier;
  • Do not use the micronizer either in early spring, when the leaves of the plants have not yet fully unfolded, or in autumn;
  • A good effect can be achieved by using the micronizer only in meteorologically stable conditions. Even not very strong wind or rain can negate your efforts.
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