Electric micronizer JOLLY M5V

The micronizer is a modern device for the effective destruction of weeds in the garden.
1 pc
Product characteristics

Allows the use of pure herbicides not diluted in water.


Tank material: polyethylene;

Tank capacity: 5 l;

Protective disk diameter: 37 cm;

Tank inlet diameter: 100mm;

DC power supply: 3V;

Net weight: 1.6kg

Feed: gravity feed technology;

Batteries: 2 alkaline batteries 1.5 V;

Detailed information

Manufacturer: Volpi

The M5V electric micronizer with a 37 cm guard disc has been developed for spraying herbicides with a small amount of water. Powered by 2 batteries of 1.5 volts each. Battery autonomy: about 40 hours. Net weight: approx. 1.60 kg.


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